The Benefits of Corporate Ecards as a Marketing Strategy

Sending an ecard using newspapers has many benefits, making this mode of communication a powerful and convenient advertising mode ideal for different business set ups, both small and large. After trying and testing, many entities have incorporated them into their long-term marketing strategies with the aim of increasing sales revenue. Some companies have had such satisfactory results that they’re now developing unique micro-sites with ecard providers, to tailor sets of their own corporate ecards and deliver them for their customer and prospect lists themselves.

The advantages of sending business ecards over traditional methods of marketing using cards are listed below.

The fundamental reason for sending this card at is the arrangement and its contribution to sustainable living. These cards can be organized more efficiently and are more environmentally friendly than a regular paper card. No one prefers handwriting 6000 paper cards to find that they just needed 3000.

Ecards can be made more cheaply than paper cards. You will still incur the expense of getting somebody to handwrite each paper card even if you purchase a package from the store at a much lower cost. To add to that, you will also pay for posting each one of the handwritten paper cards.

Corporate ecards that are animated could be both entertaining and attractive. Delivering the brand message to an audience that is being amused at the same time is a potent marketing method and further influences the awareness of your brand.

Companies supplying corporate ecards will let you incorporate your own weblink to the ecard at This is an excellent means of attracting traffic to your site, and keep in mind that the more interesting your ecard is, the more likely it will be passed on and bring new traffic to your site.

The Benefit of sending corporate Ecards to prospects and clients could be great, explaining why lots of businesses have taken the choice to pay to get their own, hosting them on a micro-site that is specially made. This type of project involves establishing a website where the complete functions of a conventional ecard website are mirrored. Consumers may choose different cards to send to those in their mailings lists like it’s done on a typical ecard website, except that the catalog where they select has branded and uniquely made ecards that have a specially designed brand message meant to increase repeat custom, boost sales and brand loyalty.

More and more companies, both big and small, are settling on corporate ecards because the message is subtler than regular forms of product promotions. Regardless of the reason for this shift to corporate ecards, we all agree that it is unquestionably a channel worth applying in any kind of business or product. Learn more about e-cards at